Over a decade ago, Sarah Bashford, Principal at Bashford Design, began custom designing residential interiors. She has transformed many homes for socialites, rock stars, pro athletes, and busy families. Her range includes historic glamorous Manhattan apartments, Pacific Heights mansions, and casually contemporary homes.

Born and raised in England, Sarah attended Cambridge University where she graduated with a Master of Arts in English Literature with Visual Theory. She continued her education by studying interior design at the Regent Academy of Fine Arts in London. Sarah lives in San Francisco with her husband, two sons, and a dog named Harvey. In addition to her design work, Sarah’s passions include playing the piano and singing, painting, and exploring the San Francisco Bay Area’s limitless hiking trails. Discover Sarah’s design philosophy.


Brie coordinates the many moving parts of Bashford Design’s projects. Pieces from diverse locations always need to come together for a harmonious interior. Brie keeps all of it under tabs. She works closely with our vendors, manufacturers and artisans; and she ensures that our clients are updated on the latest. She has been in the design industry for 12 years. Brie grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota where she was influenced by the city’s beautiful gardens. She is particularly interested in art objects, and she uses thoughtful placement and hangings to create a special focus. Brie is also passionate about floral design and always includes the vibrancy of flowers and branches in her work. Brie lives in San Francisco. She likes unexpected conversations, road trips, and skimming the local police blotter while her fiancée makes breakfast.


Hannah’s design work began in the theater almost 20 years ago. She joined our team in 2016. Hannah supports Sarah in creating personalized spaces for each client’s unique aesthetic and needs. She attends client meetings, renders floor plans, researches furnishings, communicates with our vendors and then brings all of this information together for our client presentations. Hannah is intrigued by the demarcation of space. She enjoys exploring different layouts to optimize the energy and flow of a room. Adding to this foundation the elements of light, dimension, color, materials and craftsmanship creates layers of discovery and opportunities for beauty. Hannah lives in San Francisco with her family and very likely too many pets. She likes going to plays with friends, hiking in forests and rearranging furniture.


I am delighted with my home which Sarah decorated in partnership with me. Sarah has the gift of understanding your style and extending it even further. We worked long distance which went very smoothly. Sarah pays as much attention to the design work as to all the logistics. A great experience.

Randye Farmer, New York, NY

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