How To: Bathroom Revamp

How To: Bathroom Revamp

Are you thinking about taking the plunge and tearing out the old tiles for a bathroom remodel? Bathroom design decisions can feel overwhelming, and let’s admit it: permanent.  We asked Sarah for her tips in creating stylish, no-regrets bathroom designs.

Opt for Wall Mounted Faucets

If your remodel has you digging all the way down to the plumbing, consider elevating your fixtures off the counter top.  Wall mounted faucets looks like a matter of taste. They remind us of exposed copper plumbing without all the hoopla. But there’s an added advantage: no grimy counter scum goes hiding behind hardware. 


When it Comes to Tiles, Go High

We don’t have to tell you how hard it is to choose the perfect tile.  If you’ve gotten this far, pat yourself on the back for a job well done.  When it comes to shower tile installation, don’t quit at the required 72 inch height.  Keep it going up to the ceiling for an expansive spa-like feel. 


Linear Drains Clean It Up

Linear shower drains are minimal, functional and elegant. They almost disappear in surrounding tilework.  They facilitate the use of large format floor tile because the floor only tilts in one direction. (Traditional center drains require sloping the floor in all four directions and tiles have to be small to accommodate the contour.) 


Quick Pick Me Ups

If you aren’t gutting your bathroom, you can refresh your freshen-up place, with a couple of quick fixes.

New Hand Towels

Crisp and clean, new towels can brighten up this little room.  Who knows, you might find yourself adding a new coat of paint before long!  Your old towels won’t go to waste.  They can always be relegated to heavy duty use or donated to local animal shelters like

Bring the Outdoors In

A bud vase next to the sink goes a long way to make your space fresh and thoughtful.  It doesn’t even have to have flowers in it.  How about delightfully fragrant herbs? 

Toss Unused Toiletries

Decluttering is a buzzword and we know it, but give your bathroom shelves a little consideration. Let go of toiletries and fragrances that don’t get enough rotation to pay their rent. You can decant your favorite soaps and lotions into pretty bottles for a coordinated look. 


If extreme coordination isn’t your thing, don’t sweat it.  A little variety and whimsy to break up a theme is at once charming and realistic.  Leave a couple of cheerful trinkets in the mix.  We scouted our own bathrooms for this tip. The Bashford Crew keeps these little treasures on hand. 




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