From the moment you contact Bashford Design, they work to ensure you enjoy your project. From getting to know you at the beginning through delivering the finished rooms, engaging with Bashford Design is always a pleasure.

Home Furnishings

The Interview.

The first step is an interview. Sarah uses a personalized approach to data gathering, which ranges from questions about your grandmother’s home to of the moment resources like Pinterest boards.


Sarah stands out because she is both creative and practical. She’ll ask you whether and how soon you plan to sell, if you have a dog or children, what your budget will be, and how many people you regularly seat — among many other important questions. She’ll measure carefully and in detail so that the end design always fits the physical constraints.

You may find, as so many clients do, that you appreciate Sarah’s common sense almost as much as her flare.

Furniture Layouts.

This next phase finds Sarah in her studio working on furniture layouts in AutoCAD. At this critical point in the interior design process she fits everything that is needed or desired into a given room while working intuitively with how layouts influence her clients’ esthetic and emotional experience of their rooms.

Creating and Sharing a Vision.

Creating an initial vision is done in the Sarah’s head — and it’s one of her favorite parts of the interior design process. Sarah loves to find creative and artistic solutions for all sorts rooms with all sorts of functions. “I come up with a vision that encompasses texture, colors, scale, and form — straight lines, curvy lines, complex or simple,” Sarah says. “It’s a 3D puzzle, but I’ve got the 4th dimension of time to contend with as well because time affects interior design in so many ways. Are there kids who are growing up? Can the client wait 1 1/2 years for a custom rug to be produced? These are questions I have to answer.”

“Designers,” she continues “visualize things in 3D, which comes from education, training, and experience most clients don’t have. I am a bridge from the world of vision and possibility to the physical world. I see the final result in a way my clients can’t, and it’s my role to help them see it.”

From Vision to Reality.

Now that there is a shared vision for what a room will look like, it’s time to find or create the elements necessary to make it a reality. This involves digging into the countless details that tend to overwhelm people who try to design on their own. Keeping the balance of the room in terms of color, materials and scale is essential so each selection must depend on the other pieces in the room. Naturally what’s available in the required timeframe and budget influences the interior design work as well.. With skill and patience, Sarah finds the perfect pieces that create a cohesive whole.

The Presentation.

This is one of the most exciting parts of the interior design process. Clients are typically presented with three or four choices for every element of each room. Sarah guides them through their options and works carefully with the client’s feedback to shape the ideal combination of furnishings. Selections made, it’s time to place orders for the furniture, lighting, upholstery, cabinetry rugs and all the parts that make up the finished rooms.

The Wait.

After selections are made, and orders placed, detail oriented implementation begins. This part of the interior design process, which involves a lot of patience, can be challenging — partly because it is so hard for the client or the designer to completely control. If, for example, you’ve selected a custom fixture from Italy, you may have to wait months for it to be hand crafted and shipped. Long waits are the hardest part of the interior design process.

The Unveiling.

Unless a client has several homes and can isolate him or herself from the interior design process, it’s rare to have a TV style sudden unveiling! Most clients opt to install fixtures and home furnishings in small groups as they arrive. A typical project takes six to nine months from start to finish.

Sarah is obsessed with great design and providing an interior design process that is thoroughly enjoyable and productive. From start to finish she partners with her clients to bring creative spark and highly organized project management to each interior design assignment.


Working with Sarah has been such a positive experience. Our home space is a space that we are so proud to show people, and we’ve been so excited by how Sarah’s pushed us to get more creative with what we put in our home. We feel our home is really “us” and the rooms we love most are the ones Sarah has had a part in designing. Sarah is always communicative, responsive and calm. She helps us solve the rare problem with swiftness and professionalism, and makes us feel comfortable with every process from start to finish.

Joy and Jon Alferness, San Francisco, CA

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