Sarah at Home: Garden Living

Sarah at Home: Garden Living

It’s summer in San Francisco, and that means there will be a couple of days of sunshine before the fog tumbles in again.

Bashford Design’s studio looks upon a sweet, flower filled backyard: the main domain of Harvey the Dog. Sarah and her husband Chris have nurtured the space over time, creating a varied experience with a small lawn, a pretty flowerbed and a patio complete with a gas-fueled fire pit.

Harvey surveys his kingdom

Right this way: a vine draped doggy door

The garden is the perfect spot for hanging out with the dog and kids on the weekends, for afternoon barbecues and the occasional big party, complete with flame throwing dancers. (More on that later.)

What makes for an inviting garden design? The goal is to include lots of color with elements of traditional English gardens.  “Multiple heights give more interest than a flat space,” Sarah says, “so terracing or even adding tall planters can make the garden more interesting.”

A variety of heights

Pathways lead to discovery

When considering a garden layout, determine which areas get the most sun and where there is always shade. Then pick plants according to what will thrive in those light levels. “Trying to grow a sun loving plant under a big tree will lead to disappointment!”

Containers get seasonal attention and feed the pollenators.  A brown butterfly refuels.

The Bashford clan most enjoy running through the sprinklers on a hot day, reading in the cozy hanging swing chair, and sitting around the fire pit watching the light fade at the end of the day.

The details draw you in: pink poppies

We asked Sarah, do you have any good stories or memories of times in the yard?  Indeed she does.

“Apart from the time the fire dancer burned his chest hair, the most memorable time might be when we picked up a playhouse from someone in the south bay and drove an hour on the highway with it strapped to the top of the car. We got some strange looks but it was way more exciting than ordering it online!”


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